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Have you been contacted by an unclaimed money business or agent saying you have unclaimed money owing to you?

We can verify if you are in-fact dealing with an Accredited Unclaimed Money Professional.

  • Verify an unclaimed money agent.
  • We can Search for unclaimed money owing to you.
  • Need help to claim your unclaimed money, we have a team of experts who have been operating in the Unclaimed Money industry for over 12 years.
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Unclaimed Money Investigations

We can identify if you have unclaimed money owing to you today or from the past.

Claim Manager

We provide you with your own claim manager who will communicate with you at all times.


Always work with premium professionals. People who are accredited or have government security licenses.


No payment upfront. We do the work and are paid on completion.

Unclaimed Money Investigations

We assist corporate and private clients specifically in unclaimed money. We utilise our expertise to identify “lost” funds and trace the legally entitled owners.

  • Each year the Government collects millions of dollars that have been declared "lost or "abandonded".
  • Institutions/Organisations are legally bound to lodge this money as unclaimed when they cannot locate the owners.
  • We have trusted partnerships with Government Departments.
  • We utilise our expertise to identify unclaimed money and trace the legally entitled owners or vice versa.

What is unclaimed money?

There are many types of unclaimed monies including shares, bank accounts, insurance policies and inheritances. These monies are now in the care of a custodian who has lost track of the rightful owner. The rightful owner may have lost track of the asset or may even be unaware that they are entitled to the money. Areas of unclaimed money; Shares Dividends Unpresented cheques Dormant bank accounts Superannuation Rental bonds Council bonds Deceased Estates Insurance Superannuation Refunds Overpayments Trust Fund/Trust Accounts Distribution Debentures Proceed of Sales Interest

Are unclaimed money business regulated?

What happens if I do nothing about claiming unclaimed money?

If you choose to take no action, the money owing to you will remain unclaimed. If money is unclaimed for an extended period of time, it is transferred into government revenue and then discretionary revenue. Once money has been transferred into government revenue it becomes increasingly harder to have returned to the rightful owner. The ability to have money returned to you once it has hit discretionary revenue can be impossible unless you know how to go about this, like we do! There is always a chance to recover your unclaimed money.

How did you find me and my contact details?

We are Private Investigators driven to reunite unclaimed money with their rightful owners. We use a number of publicly available & paid resources to track owners down, so yes it is all completed legitimately and ethically. We are in fact going out of our way to ensure that people get THEIR money back - often against all odds! Data matching is a powerful administrative tool; with information from a variety of third-party sources compiled electronically, validated, analysed we are able to search and find clients that have unclaimed money owing to them. We use a variety of sources, some are; Credit Reporting Agency Global X Information Solutions Social Media White pages/Yellow Pages Data matching services only available to Private Investigators.


Agreement for the Unclaimed Money Investigation Service.

Terms & Conditions of Service

Terms and Conditions for the Unclaimed Money Investigation Service.